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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 7, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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a tanker truck crash and explosion causing major traffic problems tonight in new jersey. >> we've been following this breaking situation since about 3:30. state police say a tanker truck collided with an suv on the new jersey turnpike in kearny and then flipped over the guard rail and blew up creating this huge fireball. >> it took more than an hour but the fire is out. the major traffic issues are on the turnpike and surrounding roads. dennis protsko is over the sce w in chopper 4 with more. dennis? >> reporter: and the accident investigation and cleanup still under way and as a result since 3:30 this afternoon, the northbound new jersey turnpike western spur at exit 15w where this accident is north of that interchange has been closed down. that's the direction here. completely closed down. 280 moving well. a lot of alternate heading over to the eastern spur and right now northbound new jersey
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turnpike leading up toward that eastern spur talking over four miles of bumper to bumper traffic. extra heavy on the eastern spur as well. and as you travel southbound, western spur looking at it now. that's open. a matching four-mile plus backup approaching 16w down to the scene. plan accordingly. no word on how long it will take to have all lanes open here on the new jersey turnpike. reporting live in chopper 4, dennis protsko. back to you in the studio. >> a mess out there. thank you. we want to turn now to news 4 with details on how this unfolded. ray? >> reporter: shiba, we look at that traffic backup firsthand. take a look. it goes on for miles. let's go to video of what caused this. i'll explain how this all happened. it started at 3:15. a small suv crashed into a tanker truck and then that fire ensued and that fire could be seen for miles.
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at this point one of the drivers is still unaccounted for. the driver of the truck. meanwhile, the person that was driving that small suv is okay. but as you can see the traffic is going on for miles and will probably go on for hours to come. as far as the mattress, you probably see mattress and box spring right on the road. police are still trying to figure out what role, if any, that played in this crash. one driver is still unaccounted for as a result of this crash. and the backups it's causing goes on for miles as we look live at the turnpike. you can see southbound lane is barely moving. there are no cars in the northbound lane. >> ray, thank you. we turn to big money missing in a small town scandal. millions in tax dollars gone. >> a volunteer fire department is in the crosshairs. this is happening in mahopac in putnam county. we dug through the budget documents.
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in 2014, the volunteer fire department had a budget of 2,080,000 and this year a small bump in the budget brought it up to $2,088,000. the tentative budget has the department receiving nearly $2.1 million. >> residents trusted the money would be used to keep them safe. >> how did officials learn the cash disappeared? we sent news 4's gus rosendale to find out. >> reporter: the volunteer fire department facing tough questions after a recent audit revealed serious disskreps crepancies in its budget.
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in a statement, the board of commissioners says the deputies board has subsequently been made aware of an investigation being conducted by the new york state police and the office of the putnam county district attorney into what appears to be embezzlement or misappropriation of funds. a lot of current and former members of fdny live here. it's at the town hall that this issue will come up at 7:00. >> it has to be addressed. legally they have to look into it even if it costs money. >> reporter: no suspect names or an exact amount of missing funds have been made public. town officials and other community leaders won't comment citing the pending investigation. do you think somebody should go to jail? >> like anything else, if they're caught, they should. >> reporter: gus rosendale, news 4 new york. president obama personally apologized to doctors without borders for that deadly american
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he called the group's president today to express his condolences. 22 people died in saturday's attack including 12 staff members of doctors without borders. today the group renewed its calls for an unprecedented probe. >> back here at home, new at 5:30, the rutgers football player arrested for slamming a woman to the ground will likely return to the field this saturday. he was charged in an altercation outside of the team's headquarters last month. the judge dismissed the case tuesday when the victim said she didn't wish to testify. he will attend six hours of anger management classes. >> comedian and tv star who admits he lied about escaping the twin towers on 9/11 says it was not a calculated move. best known for his role in "the league" said in an interview with howard stern it just slipped out.
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ashamed to correct it ever since. he's sorry and also asked for forgiveness. tracy morgan is back to work more than a year after being critically injured in a crash. new pictures from the set. >> we are keeping a close eye on the breaking situation in kearny, new jersey. all northbound lanes of the western spur of the turnpike are shut down because of a fiery tanker truck crash.
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we are following breaking news in bridgeport, connecticut. police just released this video of a 17-year-old girl escaping her alleged kidnapper's car. the young woman was walking to school on boston avenue early monday morning when the female driver of that gray toyota lured the girl to the car and then attacked her. the young girl managed to bail
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out of the vehicle. it's not clear if the young woman knew her attacker. if you have any information, you are asked to call bridgeport police. new tonight, tracy morgan is back to work. check out photos exclusively obtained by e news. the comedian was snapped wearing a coach's interview on the site of "fist fight" in atlanta. it comes more than a year after morgan was critically injured in a limo accident on the new jersey turnpike. you don't have to wait for the movie to come out to see him. he's returning to "saturday night live" next week, october 17th. coming up, the unbelievable escape attempt one suspect made with his car when he couldn't shake police. when volkswagen will fix millions of dollars loaded with illegal software meant to cheat emissions tests. >> and lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. >> the president's apology and
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what the u.s. now says about the deadly bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. russia continues to flex its muscles in the mid east. we'll have details. and $300,000 a year for pharmaceutical drugs, the patients who need them say they have nowhere else to turn. we'll have their story tonight when you see you for "nbc
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coming up, sean avery arrested after he was throwing things at cars passing by his home. he tells us his side of the story. and did you happen to get on the 12 train this morning? news 4 spotting this mystery
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train during the morning commute and got the mta to tell us what they're up to. those stories and more when chuck and i see you at 6:00. we want to return to that breaking news we've been followin throughout the afternoon. part of the new jersey turnpike shut down right now in kearny after a fiery crash involving a tanker truck carrying a fuel that we have yet to learn what it is. northbound lanes of the turnpike's western spur are still closed. the southbound side is running but very slowly. traffic being diverted to eastern spur. another update in 15 minutes. tonight in westchester, an elementary school banned teachers accusing of having child porn. whalen is charged with possessing and distributing an obscene video of a child recorded at his home. he's on administrative leave. the district says it doesn't appear that the child in the video was a student. we have an update about that
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and the company's plan to recall millions of cars. the recall could begin in germany in january and could last through the end of next year. however, the automaker has yet to announce specific recall plans for cars in the united states. those ca currently contain ftware that could be used to cheat on emissions tests. we want to take you to australia now where a criminal really went to the extreme to allude police. the high-speed chase started out on the streets of perth yesterday afternoon but then an unexpected turn onto a beach of all places and straight into the ocean. the unusual escape tactic failed to pay off. the driver eventually had to come to shore and when he did, you guessed it, police were there waiting. if you're going to go to a wedding, you want to look your best especially if you're the bride's mother. what happens when the dress she paid thousands of dollars for doesn't arrive on time? here's lynda baquero.
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>> reporter: after looking high and low, roxanne told us she found the perfect dress for her daughter's wedding. i held it up to myself. i said this is it. >> roxanne purchased a dress for the big day from fontana bridals and paid the cost in full back in may. >> my mom gave a date of september 1st giving a month before the wedding would be in time. >> it came and went and no dress. the days ticked by, mother and daughter grew anxious. >> i had been calling them on a weekly and now on a daily basis and i'm happy to know that the dress is made but we're not sure where it is and when it's going to show up. >> it's freaking me out. i want my mom to look nice. >> reporter: when october arrived, the family became
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they turned to news 4 desperate for help. >> we got to work contacting phenomenon fontana bridals. when we spoke to the designer, they said the dress had been ready for five weeks. they were waiting for fontana to schedule the delivery. roxanne is thrilled with the dress and is happy to give us a s,sneak peek at what she'll wear this sunday as mother of the bride. >> everything is perfect. i'm so happy. thank you, nbc, for making this all possible. >> we're happy to help. fontana bridal will revise the way they write up the orders with more realistic delivery dates and explained, the owner
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hospitalized and they apologized for the delay and they say at this point they can only bring in so many dresses each week so they'll rejuggle scheduling but they wish the couple a happy ceremony this weekend and we do, too. we're happy she has her beautiful navy blue dress. so anything we can do as consumers to protect ourselves in case we're faced with deadlines like this? >> we drao hear unfortunately about these stories every so often. you can pay in installments. pay the first portion when you place the order and then maybe once when the dress is received and if ossible after the alterations are complete. sometimes ey only want payment up front or inetwo installments when you place the order and once you receive the dress. you can work something out and don't pay cash, use a credit card that could offer you some protection in case the dress isn't delivered on time. you can try to negotiate what you've already paid. >> okay. >> thank you.
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our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail or call us. another fantastic day in the weather department. >> not a bad hump day at all. sunshine as you can see. you still have a bit leftover before the sun sets this evening. temperatures in the 70s again this afternoon. now, tomorrow the readings will be closer to this number. 67. that's the average for today. we expect a cool front to come through tonight and drop temperatures off a few degrees 70 in woodland park and islip and westhampton enjoying 70s. 72 in long branch and the city and temperatures in the upper 60s north of the city. a look now at the storm tracker. no storms to track on radar or satellite. we have clouds here and there. mostly clear for the rest of tonight. and a little bit cooler north and west back to the 40s, 50s in the city. tomorrow, yes, it's cooler. 69 to near 70.
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thtoat's not bad at all either. a mix of sun and clouds. we've got showers in the forecast late friday into friday night. maybe even some thunderstorms with that. but they should all clear out for the columbus day weekend. it starts out cool in the 60s and then we warm up into the 70s by monday. if you have plans this weekend around here, not bad at all. it will be chilly on saturday with a mix of sun and clouds and breezy. each day it warms up a little bit more and becomes sunny especially on sunday into columbus day monday. 50s tonight in smithtown and union. low of 57 in the city tonight. north breeze, 40s north and west from sparta up to liberty. 53 degrees in long branch. no problems from the weather at all tonight. north and west in the 40s at 8:00 a.m. a nice day. upper 50s by noon and 64 by 5:00 in the afternoon. for long island, coastal connecticut, you'll start out in 50s around 8:00. there will be clouds around during the day tomorrow. temperatures are in the 60s. pretty much the same deal for
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the city from upper 50s to the mid to upper 60s later in the day and for the jersey shore you're at 56 in the morning. ere will be clouds mixed with sunshine throughout the day and mper >>atures in the 60s later in the day. so 69 is our high for tomorrow. 76 on friday. just watch out. there could be storms in the area. saturday it's clearing out.erit's cool. 67 on sunday. and sunshine 70s for columbus day. the parade should be great here. it's time for this week's wednesday's child. her name is raydel. she's creative and likes to channel her emotions through the arts. we spent the day at the studio for a lesson in african dance. >> i like to write. i like to sing. i like shopping. >> reporter: and she also likes to dance. >> left foot. ve ry good.
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>> reporter: raydel remained focus as our instructor taught her a routine and she mastered the moves like a pro. when she isn't dancing -- >> she loves to write. she does poetry. she channels her emotions into her writing. >> reporter: she knows exactly what she's passionate about. >> i like to help people out, too. i'm a very big advocate for a lot of my friends. >> reporter: now what she needs is a forever family. >> a family that can support me when i'm down. having a bad day. accept me for who i am. and just make me feel welcome into their home. >> a special thanks to our dance instructor. if you are interested in adopting raydel, contact new york city children's services. back to you. all right.
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coming up, he owns a million dollar home but lives on the lawn. >> up next why this man is sleeping in his front yard and why police can't do anything about it. but first, our social pic of the day. beautiful shot there. we thank you. >> if you have an interesting pic you would like to share, use the hashtag nbc4ny and it may be selected as the social pic of
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"war of the roses." a man has been living on his front lawn on and off for six months. his wife kicked him off and won't let him in. she won't file for divorces but she doesn't want to give up her fortune. there are signs instructing not to feed him or help him. >> weather is starting to get colder. he's very frail. he can't even walk. i'm afraid he's going to die out here in his yard. >> she don't want me to have any comfort. >> police say they've been called out there as many as 30 times in the last six months but there's nothing legally they can do because he has every right to be there and she can't force his wife to let him in. >> she says it's a private matter and does not wish to speak about it. >> there you go. >> that does it for us. thank you for watching.
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now at 6:00, a news 4 exclusive interview witf sean avery on why he was arrested in front of his southampton home. new information in the bronx. building explosion. investigators say it probably wasn't gas that caused it but something more sinister may have been at play. live breaking news update wifrom the'scene of tha? large tanker fire on the jersey tuffrnpike. good evening. i'm "weekend recharge." >> i'm sibila vargas. we begin with a news 4 exclusive ang haarrest of a fkrmer new y k ranger star. >> we caught up with avery where police arrested him for throwing things at carsassing his house. news 4 greg cergol got that terview and is live with more. >> reporter: a bit of irony tonight. the rangers opening thtir season d a former player notorious for trash talking pulled no punches when we spoke to him re today about his recent tri p
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to a municipalco penalty box with
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